Строительство, ремонт, реконструкция каркасных домов

Cottages and extensions: building, repair and reconstruction

Cottage engineering systems: installing and reconstruction

Ремонт дачных домов. Монтаж, ремонт, обслуживание инженерных систем
Обустройство дачных участков

Landscape architecture: paths, drainage systems, channelout

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Dachny Master Services Price List

  • Dachny Master Services Price List

    To have our customers get acquainted with the company pricing we have prepared the price list for the main types of works executed by us including construction, renovation, country house reconstruction, engineering systems installation and garden development works.

    While reviewing this list of works one should take into account that this is a general price list and each object and each work is individual and has its specific characteristics, for example, time of year, tight working space (it is characteristically for renovation and reconstruction works) and so on. All these nuances are covered in a contract and a costing of works performed on a specific building project. But by getting acquainted with our prices you will see the overall picture of what you may count on when ordering one or another works:

      1. Construction, renovation, reconstruction  
      2. Electricity supply  
      3. Heating  
      4. Water supply, water disposal, plumbing equipment  
      5. TV, Internet, telephone  
      6. Security and fire alarms, CCTV monitoring, smart home  
      7. Garden development  
      8. Other types of works  


    1. The price list is permanently updated and each new type of works is added to it so don`t forget to more often visit our website and browse information required for you.

    2. But just in case you don`t find your targeted type of works it always will be possible to ask for upfront information on our message board or by calling us at +7 (499) 390-31-18.

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