Строительство, ремонт, реконструкция каркасных домов

Cottages and extensions: building, repair and reconstruction

Cottage engineering systems: installing and reconstruction

Ремонт дачных домов. Монтаж, ремонт, обслуживание инженерных систем
Обустройство дачных участков

Landscape architecture: paths, drainage systems, channelout

On the ground

The rest

Arrangement of the suburban area

  • Development of blind area and subdrainage of section

    Beginning with this review we will publish the series of reports of enough volumetric work which we execute in one of the settlements of the business class in Moscow Region. We will begin from works performed to date, namely from development of blind area and the subsurface drainage system. Task in hand: to dismantle existing cover of blind area (paving block), the old blind area. To equip new blind area and the subsurface drainage system of... Read more »
  • Reconstruction of blind area of suburban house. Part 3.

    As a follow-up to that and that report, we quote terminal report of work performed by our company in one of suburban settlements on Pyatnitsa Highway in Moscow Region. Task in hand: To execute reconstruction of blind area, development of drainage system near the house with drain into intermediate accumulating water well. Progress of work: So, closing stage of works became reconstruction of blind area and development of circular drainage... Read more »
  • Construction of open verandah. Development of front porches.

    In today's report we will tell of still some extra works performed by our company within complex development of adjacent territory of suburban house in Klinskiy district of Moscow Region. The previous reports are here, here, here и here. Progress of work: In this instance we quote description and the photos of works on finish of two front porches, more precisely spaces under front porch, as well as construction of open verandah aligned... Read more »