Строительство, ремонт, реконструкция каркасных домов

Cottages and extensions: building, repair and reconstruction

Cottage engineering systems: installing and reconstruction

Ремонт дачных домов. Монтаж, ремонт, обслуживание инженерных систем
Обустройство дачных участков

Landscape architecture: paths, drainage systems, channelout

On the ground

The rest

Water supply

  • Water-supply of the house from well

    Task in hand: development of individual system of water-supply from water well. Progress of work: For development of the water-supply system at first well was dug. Well depth turned out about 25 m (Klinskiy district, Moscow Region), and very not big production rate. Constant water level accounted for about two rings even at total pumping took place water admission during 5-6 hours: [singlepic id=94 h=400 w=600] [singlepic id=95 h=400... Read more »
  • Repair of the boiler Thermex

    For the time being by our company they are performed works on cosmetic repair of two-room apartment in multi-storey dwelling, we want to tell You of performed work on repair of floor accumulation electric water heater (boiler) of Thermex IR 200V mark. Some prehistory: 6 years in succession without fail worked Thermex IR 200V following which the control panel display by the boiler ceased come on and water heater ceased to execute its function. Task... Read more »
  • Water-supply of the second storey on the dacha

    Task in hand: to deduce a discharge stack and pipes of water-supply to the second storey of suburban house. Progress of work: Installation of discharge stack and pipes of water-supply were conducted to earlier mounted taps from existing systems of water-supply and water removals. At water-supply of the second storey it is necessary properly to calculate and to choose pumping point or pump, for which purpose it is necessary to know the amount of water... Read more »
  • Major repair of suburban house. Part 1

    Beginning with this review, we begin the series of photoreports of executed our company to work on overhaul of country house in Mytishchi district of Moscow Region. Task in hand: to perform works on complex overhaul of country house, including: - reconstruction of water-supply system with development of swing station (well/summer water supply system); - reconstruction of floors, walls, ceiling in wooden frame addition to the structure; -... Read more »
  • Development by bathroom in wooden house

    Task in hand: to equip the bathroom in wooden country house. Progress of work: Initial data for development of bathroom in wooden house were following - deduced bends of soil pipe and pipes of hot and cold running water, as well as walls finished of molded board. [singlepic id=330 h=400 w=600] For protection of walls from moisture ingress and exception of opportunity of fungoid and mould growth all walls were processed by septate composition, following... Read more »
  • The system of filtration of water in suburban house

    Task in hand: to equip the water filtration system of country house. Progress of work: In this instance water-supply is carried out from well, therefore with the aim of determining necessity of accommodation of the filtration system and selection of the water equipment, in the first place, its analysis was conducted which showed excess in water iron, lime and sand. In most instances instead of expensive systems thrust to the buyers by manufacturers... Read more »