Строительство, ремонт, реконструкция каркасных домов

Cottages and extensions: building, repair and reconstruction

Cottage engineering systems: installing and reconstruction

Ремонт дачных домов. Монтаж, ремонт, обслуживание инженерных систем
Обустройство дачных участков

Landscape architecture: paths, drainage systems, channelout

On the ground

The rest

Construction of gazebo on allotment garden

  • Construction of gazebo on allotment garden

    We quote the next photoreport on the work that has been done by our company on construction of wooden gazebo in Klinskiy district of Moscow Region.

    Task in hand: to perform works on construction of wooden gazebo with non-combustible foundation.

    Progress of work: In this instance, construction was executed on sizes and sketches presented by Customer. One of requirements was supplying of noncombustibility of the gazebo foundation (floor) so that it is possible on it to install barbecue hereinafter or to prepare shish kebab without preparation of special foundation, if the floor was wooden.

    As the decision of task in view, we offered to lay out the gazebo floor in the same material, as paths on the object, namely by block stone “Old city”. In such a manner, gazebo floor will harmonise with paths on the allotment garden and, secondly, necessary fire safety is supplied (if not entirely clearly of what the matter is, we recommend to read up a given review up to the end). So, the first what was made – sectoring of construction footprint:

    On the photo it is visible that of the earth visible throating of plastic capacity – are buffer tank supplying required water storage installed by Customer in connection with low output of well (The well is quickly extorted and very long set up again. We told about it here). Actual throating intentionally was included to the construction footprint for its protection from precipitation and possible technogeneous clogging. The sole question remained, how “to enter” its accurately to the design of wooden gazebo, but about it below.

    After sectoring of construction footprint, as well as taking into account that classical foundation and wooden floor are not provided by the design, below of depth of frost penetration were drilled boreholes (about 2 m), installed and embed reference poles of main structure:

    After setting of concrete in pole setting locations along the perimeter of gazebo was developed trench and stacked bottom capping beam, with the aid of which all poles were connected among themselves in uniform ambit by the way of welding:

    Following step became installation of top capping beams, installation of rafter system and the groundwork of future wooden gazebo, as well as the stacking of roof cladding, in this instance – of metal tile:

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    After the roof of wooden gazebo acquired a project form, it is about time installation of floor pavement came. As it is noted above, as floor pavement of gazebo was applied block stone “Old city”. For its installation, earth selection was made to depth about 35-40 cm, fill binding gravel, sand blanket made and stamped, following which to sand-and-cement mix was stacked block stone:

    Upon completion of works on the stacking of the block stone the time is ripe of the scenery of the throating of buffer tank, in question above, and finishing of gazebo fencing. The throating of buffer tank it was resolved to cut off and to close by steel hatch with opportunity of lock-out, and fencing of gazebo to sheathe by false crossbeam which remained from the previous phases of construction, previously processing by antiseptic compositions including tinting, color and preserving solutions:

    In conclusion of works on construction of gazebo, decorative lattice was made, decorative cornerpieces to interior and outside angles are installed, performed finishing treatment by tinting, antiseptic compositions:

    You can see result of performed work on construction of gazebo on following photos:

    In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total performance time of works on construction of gazebo in Klinskiy district of Moscow Region accounted for 14 days.

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