Franchise on construction and repair. General provisions.

Some time ago on the page with description of possible variants of co-operation with our company we accommodated information of business dealing under our brand (about franchise). Now we want to tell YOU in more detail that this such and that with that to do. As information: preparation of opportunity of work on franchise — is business laborious, not at all quick and requiring considerables both financial and human efforts. But we are in active stage of development of this co-operation variant, namely:

— we prepared and directed bid to Federal Institute of Industrial Property to registration of our trade-mark;
— technical specifications to development of the franchise pack are prepared, the developer of specified set of documents is chosen;
— beginning with February-March 2017, all supporting documentation for to the franchise will be launched to development and we hope that by summer’s end (by autumn’s early) of 2017 we will launch this variant of co-operation in full.

Meanwhile, periodically we will tell about work on franchise, because it is a rather not bad variant for quick business starting point, particularly on regional level. So, below is presented the first article, so to say of common nature.

Now many people decide to open their business, but it entirely is not easy. For it special knowledges and abilities are necessary. To receive them, often many years of study can be required. Therefore very many people do not follow their dream. But exit is present. If the person wants to open his Company, but it meets with the problem of shortage of experience and financial resources, then he can simply acquire franchise. In such a manner he will avoid plenty of the problems and in short terms will be able to receive a ready business.

Business with franchise — is:

— Minimum initial instalment. It is necessary just to pay lease of the premise under office and to employ personnel.
— Aid of parent company on all stages of work. Franchiser assists of franchisee to solve arising questions, opportunity grants to direct personnel to study and to improvement of professional skill.
— Professional business-plan. At its execution is attached particular importance to the principles of business dealing in the region of franchisee and analysis of activity of competitive companies is implemented.
— Advanced brand. Franchisee will function already under brand of famous big Company. That is why to newly made businessman will render trust.
— Opportunity to apply in work already accumulated experience.

Business-services franchise is a profitable investment of capital which will be paid back in the first months, and already later one year the Company will bring a constant profit.

The domain of services includes varied branches of commercial, non-commercial and trading activity. To given domain it is possible to rank construction, repair, cleaning, freight traffic and much other, without what to date person does not present his life and work. As such therefore franchises in the domains of various services are quite popular now and are in a so significant demand.

As the present process routes increasingly stronger make the way to all domains of the society then the most required to date and in the near future will be franchise on services in the area of construction and repair of suburban houses, engineering systems, the systems of videosupervision and the control of access, modern fire alarm system, various communication systems. 

Now services on freight traffic are very popular and actual. It is caused that to date constant growth of the amount of trade relations takes place between regions. Being based on the last events in the world in the area of politics and economy, can be predicted boldly that in near future services franchise will surpass many other types of ready business on popularity.

Recently considerably services of construction companies and-or companies on repair of houses and apartments extended. Therefore quite evident is the fact that franchise on services in the area of construction, repair of suburban houses and cottages will be one more variation of good investment to business.

To date on the market about ninety various proposals in the domain franchising services are exhibited. To choose for oneself the most profitable franchise, it is necessary to study very closely proposals, to compare what offered therewith what it is really necessary. As exemplified by practical experience, any franchise to services which is offered to acquire, it is a good investment to business and business which will begin to bring in turn a stable and high income. It is necessary to choose branch of activity, relying to personal preferences, interests and avocations.

Important criterion at choice of business area will be as well degree of understanding of this directivity by young businessman. No doubt, better that will turn out of what the person has an accurate model, instead of the common and surface knowledges. As work at franchising system, as well as any business, will require a stable and active participation of franchisee.

However, implementing choice of the franchise in services area, deserves attention studying of the question of expenditures and their volumes, as well as studying of question concerning order of payments. So, that it is necessary to make so that to acquire franchise on business in the domain of services? After young businessman will choose direction interesting him, it should meet with franchiser, to sign all necessary documents and to begin to be accustomed that he became a full-fledged coowner of ready and very promising business.

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