Replacement of the electrical wiring in suburban house

In given report we will tell of work to reconstruction of the electrical wiring of suburban house performed by our company in one of suburban settlements of Sergiyevo-Posadsky district of Moscow Region.

Task in hand: To execute reconstruction (total replacement) of old electrical wiring, including connection to electric pole, as well as to mount the system of automatic pumping out of water from semi-basement.

Progress of work: We will begin from description of the object: it was country house of framework structure intended for summer residing. Existed electrical wiring was performed in walls by the cable, size of which did not allow to implement normal operation, since it was selected not properly. Besides in connection with Customer’s increased needs to power consumption did not suffice amounts and the type of sockets. And additionally to all set forth above, ground floor during autumn-spring inter-season period constantly were flooded by melt waters. Below on photo You can see reconstruction object:

In consultation with Customer, work was divided for two phases: the first — total replacement of the electrical wiring, the second — development of the system of automatic pumping out of water from socle level. We will begin from the first phase — new wiring is made of non-combustible cable (power cable of PVC-insulated conductor, of PVC elastron coat, lack of serving on coat, fire-resistant) with stacking to decorative plastic containers. Under parameters of the load given by Customer, the main electric connections are made of cable with section in 6 and 4 мм2, taps to sockets — 2,5 sq. mm., taps to illumination — 1,5 sq. mm. The cable was used tough, three-core. Besides old cable of connection of the house to ETL point was demounted and new connection was performed. A new cable is laid inside the house in the spiral wrap hose. The first, from what commencement of works, installation of plastic containers for subsequent installation of electric connections and the installation of electropoints became. With the purpose of observance of vertical position and horizontality of installation laser level mounted to walls was used:

After installation of all containers were mounted sockets, switches, light fittings, as well as a new connection of the house to the power transmission line was equipped, as it has been already noted above:

All system was examined by local electrician and accepted to operation, a new counter was sealed. Separate attention is worth to turn to selected distributing switchboard. Apart from classical automatic breakers, for monitoring of quality of the current and exception of influence of the jumps of voltage to power consuming devices, us protective relay VA-protector, intended for load voltage and current monitoring was installed in it. As installed relay showed, gallops of voltage in given settlement account for from 187 to 255 V that of course it is dangerous for working electric appliances. Respectively, admissible parameters were programmed following: lower range of switching-off — 180 V, top range — 240 V. Limitation to the current is programmed rigidly and accounts for 40 A. On photo below You can see a distributing switchboard with installed protection relay:

After the system of the electrical wiring was mounted and handed over to operation, it is about time of development of the system of automatic pumping out of thawed and rail waters from ground floor came. Last year, on this object, us was overlied basement on ground floor (since restoration of walls it was not represented profitable for Customer) and the pit of drainage well performing the role of the blind area is installed. Just from this pit and to section boundary the system of automatic pumping out of thawed and rail waters was equipped. It presents following: to the pit of drainage well is mounted pump with cork float-frog, and to section boundary underground HDP pipeline with water drainage to drainage ditch is laid from it. To prevent through freezing of pipe, along its all length heating cable is mounted, meal of which is implemented through thermal relay with remote temperature sensor, thereby maximum economy of consuming electric power is supplied. But photo below You can see process and result of development of the system of automatic pumping out of water from ground floor:

изображения не найдены

For convenience of operation, the thermal relay was installed to the common distributing switchboard, and the gauge is deduced to pipe in the place of possible freezing beside with entrance to ground floor. On the photo below You can see a total variant of distributing switchboard with mounted relay of protection from overvoltage (in topper) and thermal relay (in bases):

In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total performance time of works on reconstruction (total replacement) of the electrical wiring and development of the system of automatic pumping out of thawed and rail waters from ground floor accounted for 10 days.

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