Строительство, ремонт, реконструкция каркасных домов

Cottages and extensions: building, repair and reconstruction

Cottage engineering systems: installing and reconstruction

Ремонт дачных домов. Монтаж, ремонт, обслуживание инженерных систем
Обустройство дачных участков

Landscape architecture: paths, drainage systems, channelout

On the ground

The rest

Water-supply of the house from well

  • Water-supply of the house from well

    Task in hand: development of individual system of water-supply from water well.

    Progress of work: For development of the water-supply system at first well was dug. Well depth turned out about 25 m (Klinskiy district, Moscow Region), and very not big production rate. Constant water level accounted for about two rings even at total pumping took place water admission during 5-6 hours:

    Taking into account not big well production rate, for realisation of the water-supply system, in the proximity of dug well it was resolved to establish capacity additional of three-cube buffer tank with the system of automatic filling and with the control of the level:

    After installation of buffer tank to the well and up to reservoirs were led of water-supply pipes:

    In connection with big well depth and for ease of pipes maintenance located inside the well, metal maintenance platform mounted on circuits was equipped:

    After hook-up piping was completed, installation of water-pumping station supplying water from buffer tank, as well as installation of piping connections and boiler supplying hot water-supply was performed:

    In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total time of system development of water-supply of the house from well accounted for 2 months.

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