Installation of Kipor KGE12E generator

Task in hand: to provide object by uninterrupted electric power supply in the case of the network switching-off.

Progress of work: For performance of above-stated task arose necessity of the installation of generator automatically included at missing of network all over settlement. In consultation with Customer, in view of object power consumption, as well as in view of market prices to generators, choice was stalled on petrol model Kipor KGE12E with opportunity of automatic launch. Overall view of the generator and the automatic transfer equipment block is presented to photo:

Taking into account that given model of the generator is intended for work on open space, and it is installed was to closed room of economic construction, arose necessity of development of compulsory air ventilation system and cooling. It is realised with the aid of air supply and evacuation fans. Besides for more dot motor cooling the system of air ducts was equipped (see face-to-face part of utility area to photo below). Inclusion and fans switching off is supplied with the aid of thermal relay, remote sensor of which is installed on the cylinder head of the motor of power generating set:

After installation of the generator to the control block installation site by the generator (to the block of automatic transfer equipment) command cable was carried out and connection of the automatic transfer equipment (on the photo the automatic transfer equipment block on the left hand of electric service panel):

Executing all connections, once again «identification» truth of termination wires of command cable was performed, as well as tests of the generator in all possible modes are performed. At present the generator served out two years since without any censures.

In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total time of installation and starting up of power generator set accounted for 7 days.

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