Client’s supervision or «private master builder» service

As a follow-up to press release devoted to cost-effectiveness at dacha projects, we will consider service maturing popularity at present and positioned, as new, though sense of it is determined by SNiP 12-01-2004, and in actualised editing of given SNiP — in Сode 48.13330.2011. So, given service in commonality is named as «private master builder», and in interpretation of above-stated documents — as client’s supervision at construction.

Сode 48.13330.2011. The organisation of construction. Revised edition of SNiP 12-01-2004We will consider more closely the list of works afforded as part of service of client’s supervision or «private master builder» at construction, repair, reconstruction of private country houses, engineering systems or development of allotment garden.

Taking into account that at present there is no unified document regulating particular list of works of client’s supervision at construction, repair, reconstruction of private houses (i.e. in low-rise construction), engineering systems or development of allotment garden, at various companies rendering technical supervision for construction it (the list of works) different. At the same time, in view of Сode 48.13330.2011, maximum list of works executed within service of client’s supervision or «private master builder», approximately is following:
— checking the availability at contractor (at private masters) of quality certificates to used materials, production and equipment at construction, repair, reconstruction;
— the control of observance by executor of works of warehousing and storage of used materials, production and equipment. At revealing of infringements of these rules the representative of technical inspection of customer can prohibit application of incorrectly stored materials;
— the control of conformity by the executor of works of executed operational control to requirements of Norms and Standards regulating performable type of works;
— the control of presence and correctness by the executor of operations of executive documentation, including the evaluation of the reliability of geodetic executive outlines of performed designs with sampling inspection of accuracy attitude of elements;
— monitoring the elimination of defects in planning documentation revealed while under construction; documentary return of defect documentation to the designer; control and documentary acceptance of corrected documentation, transfer to its executor of works;
— consistency control of scope and timing of performance of works to the terms of contract and planned schedule of construction;
— compliance assessment of work performed (together with works executor), designs, of engineering networks areas; signing of bilateral acts verifying conformity;
— control by the executor for performance of works, requirements of inadmissibility of performance of subsequent works before signing of specified acts; conclusive evaluation of conformity of constructed object to the legislation requirements (together with works executor), design and standard documentation.

Along with above-stated works, the Customer of service of technical supervision for construction, to executor can be delegated authorities to performance of extra works:

Client's supervision, private master builder
— search and engagement of specialised organisation, private masters either teams for construction, repair, reconstruction of private country house, engineering systems or development of allotment garden;
— search and engagement of design organisations, private professional designers specialising on designing of particular types of houses, as well as on geological survey of allotment garden under construction of the house and geodetic «landing» of house to locality;
— check of estimate documents, analysis of cost of works and building materials, calculation of amounts of works specified in design documentation, cost of materials and logistic;
— the control of financial calculations between the executor of works and Customer;
— selection of modern building and-or lining materials, the appropriate to Customer’s requirements.

With functions of client’s supervision we’ve oriented ourselves… Now we go on. We now will consider expediency of the service order of technical supervision for construction either engagement of «private master builder» in the light presented earlier of the ways of saving at implementation of construction, repair, reconstruction of country private houses, engineering systems or development of allotment garden.

We will remind that we considered following variants of saving at civil works on the dacha:
— purchase of ready house and-or equipped allotment garden;
— construction (repair, reconstruction) of suburban object by own forces;
— engagement to performance of building or repair jobs of private masters;
— engagement to performance of building or repair jobs of specialised organisation.

Private master builder or client's supervision for constructionIt is evident that service of client’s supervision (of «private master builder») is hot timely when using the third cost-effectiveness variant, namely accountability for performance of building or repair jobs of private masters or building teams.

At the order of given service, first, You save lot of time on independent supervision for construction, as well as you receive warranty of the fact that Your object of construction, repair, reconstruction will be performed in maximally strict conformity to design documentation, to requirements of technical, technological Norms and Standards that hereinafter will provide comfortable operation of the object without constant modifications or alterations. Naturally, above-mentioned will be successfully realised on the provision of choice client’s supervision qualified or «private master builder».

Along with stated, service order of client’s supervision or of «private master builder» is urgent as and when necessary and in the cases of independent erection of country house (for self-test), as well as at purchase of ready house and-or of equipped section for expert evaluation of condition by professional builder. It will protect You from problems in further operation of under construction or bought country real estate.

We will talk now a little of cost. Cost of client’s supervision service for construction or of «private master builder» obviously depends on the list of works which will be executed by the organisation or «private master builder» within building inspection. Naturally, specified list is agreed with Customer and is fixed clearly in the contract. If to take up average, then the total value of works on technical supervision for construction accounts for from 10 to 20 per cent from cost of construction, but it also can be and fixed amounts.

Technical company supervisionSumming up we will note that service of client’s supervision at construction, repair, at reconstruction of country houses, engineering systems, as well as at development of allotment garden assists to save mass of the Customer’s means and nerves at erection of country real estate objects, as well as supplies a subsequent reliable operation.

The company «Dachny master» as well renders services of building inspection, but detailed description of the conditions and the list of works offered by us within realisation of technical supervision for construction, as well as a price company politics we will quote in detail in one of following press releases.

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