Order and Execution of Works in Dachny Master Company

For maximal information content in this article we will specify the process of cooperation between a customer and our company at the time of order of provided works and services.

So, if you decide to order services or engineering, construction, renovation, country house reconstruction, engineering systems installation or garden development works, it will be supposedly be interesting for you to know why we recommend to decide in favor of namely our company:

Страхование строительно-монтажных рсиков1. The main and undeniable advantage is that we are ready to insure the customer against builders` risk at his request. That is, by making a contract with us you will take no chances to lose your money and will be sure that your object will be finished without estimated cost change stipulated in the contract (except auxiliary work cost just in case its execution is required) as opposed to, for example, individual contractors and teams. Our insurance covers the entire period of work execution as well as warranty liability period.

Проект каркасного дома2. The main types of works (new construction, reconstruction, electric installation, water supply and so on) are executed only under developed design documents and only with signing a contract. This is the fundamental point of the company to ensure the top level safety and transparency of works` execution. Neither we nor you will have a possibility to cheat after signing a contract because all engineering and technological solutions are well-defined in the design documentation and financial liability is stipulated in the contract.

Технология строительства каркасного дома Платформа3. In new construction of frame buildings (houses, household outbuildings and others) firstly we apply one of the best construction technologies to our opinion, Platforma technology which minimizes time required for erection of frame houses and ensures proper resistibility and stability of constructions. Secondly, construction of your building is manufactured on a factory basis (one of factories is located in Serpukhov) and delivered to your garden fully installation-ready (i. e. entire converted timber is already cut, fitted — all that is left to do is to assemble).

4. We always execute works on time because, at first, we are professionals in this business and, secondly, non-compliance with deadlines may cause insurance payments cost increase and, thirdly, contractual provisions carry delay damages.

5. We provide a guarantee for all executed works for — 24 months, during which all discovered defects caused by our errors are eliminated free of charge.

6. We don`t leave our customers and after guarantee period you can always sign a service agreement on maintenance of your object or engineering systems. We wrote here about it in more details.

These are only the main and the most significant advantages of cooperation with our company. We won`t describe small adorbs like gifts upon completion of construction, seasonal discounts but they certainly exist. Now let`s consider the interacting process on a step-by-step basis.

1. The first thing that you should do is to call us at (499) 390-31-18 to discuss your construction, renovation, reconstruction ideas or to send a pre-order through this form. But if you need to get a bottom-line price of your object designing, construction or renovation as soon as possible, we recommend you to start straight with para. 2.

2. After we pre-estimate projected scope of works, it is needed to arrange an on-site visit of our specialists to make required measurements and elaborate details.

Заключение договора с компанией Дачный мастер3. Upon completion of pre-construction activities we sign a contract with you:

— If new construction, reconstruction, engineering systems big repair, garden development works are executed, at first, a design documentation development contract is signed (you can become aware of the information on all blueprint stages provided in our company here).

— A construction contract is signed after completion of project works and also if engineering systems light repair works or garden development works are executed.

4. There comes the time of meeting the financial obligations. Financing of construction, reconstruction, renovation includes partial advancing of each works` stage (we don`t believe in a free lunch. Our employees want to eat for some reason… :-)) and full settlement upon completion of each stage with signing a certificate of completion.

5. After receipt of the first advance payment to our account or cash lodgements to our account (we use both cash and clearing settlement) and after delivery of materials we get down to works within 7 days. Also in case of minor works it is possible to use cash settlement upon completion of works on the object with submission of a sales receipt (we use mobile acquiring).

6. We execute works right on time, deliver the project of construction, renovation or reconstruction for you and you continue to enjoy quality purchase keeping us in mind, reflecting upon signing a service agreement with us :-).

As you see everything is very simple and transparent! We will be happy to see you among our customers. Our contacts are here.

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