Repair of suburban house and bath-house. Roof at home and bath-house floor.

Herein and a few following reviews we will give an examples of works performed by our company lately. We will consider this review by the first part, and in subsequent we will quote references to the previous in chronological sequence. Well.

Task in hand: Within works on repair of suburban house in Ruzskij district of Moscow Region had to execute: repair of the roof of suburban house, including dismantle of old roofing cover and installation of new (metal tile roofing); repair of the floor in the bath-room; construction, finish of frame additional building to the house, installation of all engineering systems and bathroom fixtures; repair of the room in the house and flue. Like, everything.

Progress of work: In this instance reconstruction object is beam house with ground floor reveted by the brick. Coating is performed on distance from building timber in 50 mm on uniform width of monolithic reinforced concrete foundation being both by the house supporting structure, and containing ground floor. Interior furnishing at home is barn board. Below, on the photo, You can see the object of repair in initial condition:

Within work on repair of the roof of suburban house following was performed:

— dismantle of existing roofing cover (asbestos slate);
— dismantle of waterproofing layer (rubberoid);
— development waterproof and windproof membrane on existing roof-sheathing;
— development of new roof-sheathing and counter roof-sheathing on against a metal tile roofing;
— installation of the metal tile roofing;
— dismantle/installation of face laths, capillary grooves, wind laths etc.;
— dismantle/installation of existing system of water drainage.

It is to be noted that along with above-mentioned list of works, Customer it was offered to execute alignment and strengthening of rafter system since existing roof timbers now in a few places «sunk», as well as is increased load to rafter system, but Customer decision about exception of given kind of works is accepted. Now in order. The first step thing existing roofing system was demounted:

On the image below You can see condition of rafter system after dismantle of old roof cover:

After dismantle of old roof existing roof-sheathing was processed by antiseptic compositions (we use the compositions of production Neomid), then equipped waterproof and windproof membrane, roof-sheathing and counter roof-sheathing. Before installation all sawn material was processed by antiseptic compositions. To photo below You can see, as happened:

Following phase of works became installation of new roofing cover — metal tile roofing. Next it is worth to pay attention, that by and large it was necessary to provide opportunity tie-in roof of the additional building which was done in parallel (We will tell of it in following reviews). Result of works on arrangement new roof from metal tile roofing can see on following photos:

Work on repairs of the roof were finalised at this stage. Let’s keep going… Simultaneously with replacement of roofing cover of suburban house works to reconstruction of the floor in the bath-room were performed. The bath-house is beam, hot room are furnished to thin boards inside, and bathing room is reveted by plastic panels. Customer’s complaint was reduced to what was begun to rot slightly a rim board. When dismantle of the floor panel was performed, before us here such picture appeared:

As exemplified by photo, problem turned out somewhat more, than its to himself imagined by Customer. Apart from rim board, is rotten frame timber all the way through. Taking into account sizes of disaster, we have proposed, and Customer agreed upon following amount of works on repair of the floor in the bath-room:

— maximum dismantle of the beam by the way of clipping of defect pieces;
— installation of power U-profile along the perimeter and by the length of interroom partition;
— installation of new antiseptic rim board from larch;
— installation of floor cover from the panel of the wood particles.

To photo below You can see process of repair, but rather will be say — process of reconstruction of the floor in the bath-room:

That’s it for today all. In following reviews we will tell of following works performed by our company within overhaul of suburban house in Ruzskij district of Moscow Region.

In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total performance time of works on repair of the roof of suburban house and replacement of the floor in the bath-room accounted for approximately 14 days.

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