Repair of the boiler Thermex

For the time being by our company they are performed works on cosmetic repair of two-room apartment in multi-storey dwelling, we want to tell You of performed work on repair of floor accumulation electric water heater (boiler) of Thermex IR 200V mark.

Some prehistory: 6 years in succession without fail worked Thermex IR 200V following which the control panel display by the boiler ceased come on and water heater ceased to execute its function.

Task in hand: detection of the reason of failure of the Thermex water heater, performance of repair jobs, as far as possible. Below we quote brief performances of the water heater of Thermex IR 200V and photo from the manufacturer’s official site.

— Model: IR 200 V
— Series: ROUND PLUS
— Heat time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
— Height (mm): 1165
— Width (mm): 530
— Depth (mm): 530
— Diameter of connection ports (inches): 3/4 (inside)
— Type: Accumulation
— Anode: Magnesium
— Internal tank: Stainless steel
— Version: floor-mounted
— Volume of hot water: 200 l
— Power: 6 (2 + 2 + 2) kW.

Progress of work: The reasons of water heaters failures can be somewhat, but basic of them are in most instances either depressurisation of accumulation tank or functional loss of mechanical or electronic part of boiler control, therefore either way it is necessary get to «entrails» of water heater.

So we did into given case. After dismantle of top cover of Thermex IR 200V, from above urethane-foam cover of internal tank, we saw water which could emerge there either owing to depressurisation of internal tank of water heater, or at the expense of formation of condensate during all operating time of the boiler. The first variant, of course, the most deplorable — it would be necessary to purchase a new water heater, since internal tank of the boiler Thermex IR 200V is not subject to repair or replacement. Therefore it remained to hope to the second variant. Below we quote the water heater photo of Termeks IR 200V with removed top cover:

For check for tightness of internal tank, to boiler was take water under pressure about 3 atm., following which holding of 24 hours was given. Result of check for tightness of internal tank of water heater confirmed its tightness and absence of leakages. In such a manner, the reason of failure of the Thermex IR 200V boiler became formation of condensate under top water heater cover, its gradual accumulation due to a lack of ventilation apertures in the cover and, as result, the gulf of the transformer and electric control board of the boiler resulting in short circuit and functional loss of electronic control components of Thermex IR 200V. To photo below is presented dismantled board of water heater control Thermex IR 200V:

If You pay attention to a bottom right hand corner of boiler control board of Thermex IR 200V, then you will see outburnt block. Besides by results of testing of the transformer which transforms 220 V in 12 V to control panel of boiler, as well its nonserviceability was installed.

In such a manner, became problem solving of failure of work Thermex IR 200V: replacement of control board and transformer, following which boiler was assembled, works on connection and startadjusting are conducted. To photo below are presented: block of heater coils, check of which we executed, as well as assembled water heater of Thermex IR 200V and control panel after performance of starting-up and adjustment works:

In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total performance time of works on repair of the boiler Thermex IR 200V accounted for 2 days.

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