About repair, maintenance of country houses and engineering systems

Repair on the dacha — is task for pros!

For some people residence on the dacha are seasonal in nature, for other suburban house is the main residence. But also in the first and in the second cases construction of suburban small house should be executed by experienced masters. If you need repair on the dacha or you are interested by service of country houses, welcome! Essential operational experience in given market segment to us indicates that if construction of suburban small house was carried out without infringement of the main norms and standards, repair on the dacha it may become necessary at a distant date. You know that construction of suburban small house did not differ by high quality? Then be prepared that to you it is required in the near future:

— maintenance of engineering systems or even repair of engineering systems;
— cosmetic or overhaul on the dacha;
— service of country houses during your absence (for example, in winter).

Out of order the bathroom fixtures, electrics, the system of the water drain or water-supply? Professional maintenance of engineering systems will solve these and other problems in minimum terms. Simple repair of engineering systems implies elimination of insignificant disrepairs, and difficult repair of engineering systems — it replacement both damaged sections and all line.

Contacting to our company, you will even carry out overhaul on the dacha in compressed terms. Repair on the dacha, as in any other building, it is choice of optimum building and lining materials, maintenance of engineering systems (and if it is required, then their total replacement), service of country houses after performance of all repair jobs.

Believe, repair on the dacha will pass at the highest level, maintenance of engineering systems we will conduct on advanced technologies. Repair and service of country houses is one of our specialisations. do not forget that construction of suburban small house should be executed by qualified specialists, otherwise repair simply not to avoid!

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