Construction and repair from the position of technical supervision. The main phases.

As part of the series of articles about technical supervision for construction and repair, today we will consider a part of the phases which it is necessary to pass, in order properly to organise building or repair jobs. We will remind by the way, earlier we considered the ways of economy on suburban construction, as well as general description of services of technical supervision. Before further reading of present review we recommend to freshen memory and plough through once again on above-stated articles.

So, consideration of all phases of the construction and-or repair management we offer to conduct in following logic sequence: at first we is enumerable these phases, and then we in more detail will consider each of them. Generally sequence of the phases of correct construction and-or repair management appears as follows:

1. Investment concept. Feasibility study of possible variants of construction and-or repair.
2. The collection of initial data, engineering survey.
3. Choice of design organization.
4. Development of design documentation.
5. Consideration / amendment of design documentation, approval.
6. Choice of contractor.
7. The organisation of client’s supervision.
8. Launch of the project approved for construction.
9. Acceptance of the work stages, exercise of the functions of technical supervision.
10. Final acceptance of the building and-or repair project.

Phase 1. Investment concept. Feasibility study of possible variants of construction and-or repair.

Investment conceptWe will not go into subtleties of Norms and Standards regulating development of investment project, and will be limited in more simple phrase, applicable to performance of works by private investor, that is, we will describe all process exactly from the standpoint of construction management and-or repair of dachas or apartments.

So, what is such investment concept? It is no that other, as family council, on which is defined necessity of performance of building and-or repair jobs on the object. Let us stress: development of investment concept is a customer’s obligation (!!!). Of course, for these purposes can be assigned specialised organisation, but it is necessary to be ready that for given work it is necessary to pay. But we will return to family council… We recommend all conclusions of family meeting to fix on the paper which then should be transferred to the specialists, engagement of which is planned to performance of building and-or repair jobs by way of your requirements. At the same time, in ideal case, result of investment concept in the case of private construction and-or repair should be:

— voted budget to planned for execution building and-or repair jobs;
— approved list of building and-or repair jobs;
— the main technical object characteristics of construction and-or repair (the main overall dimensions, maximum quantity simultaneously of living people, as well as the main engineering parameters are presence of the water-supply systems, water removal, water drain allocated to electric capacity).

We pay Your attention (!!!): neither designer, nor building contractor will not be get ahead of one’s self and to execute the list of works needed for You at cut down budget! Who what anybody says, but at such initial data situation as the result approximately will be reduced to following: either constructive proposals will not satisfy to given requirements (for example, thickness of thermal contour will not supply a necessary heat insulation) or not enough qualitative materials will be used either the technology of construction / repair will not be observed or maximally cheap labour will be used, or You while under construction / repair necessary constantly to pay extra for extra works, in order to lead the object of construction / repair to status which You planned at the early stage.

Strangely enough, but these enough evident things do not understand the most of private investors (Customers), but should understand… It is impossible to collect «Mercedes», disposing by the budget on «VAZ-1111», and it should be clearly understood at the scheduling stage of building or repair jobs. You will ask: «How to define an approximate budget to planned repair-building works?». Answer, besides, is evident: the first that it is necessary to make — it to define list itself of works. The second — it is necessary to open Internet and to trace average prices to building or repair jobs which You defined earlier. For example, on our site for it made special section. We will note that both on our, and on other sites, prices in given sections are presented tentative for understanding PROCEDURE of necessary budget, and final cost is defined only by the cost sheet to particular object of construction and-or repair developing on approved project documentation or fulfilled measures by our specialist.

At the same time, absence of necessary budget is enough a typical situation in our uneasy time, but exit — it division of planned works for independent of one another phases, consistent fulfillment of which, first, can be led in any time convenient for You, inasmuch as they are independent, and secondly, performance of the whole complex of works just will result in satisfaction of all Your requirements on quality and reliability. Only this or nothing. Undertake such division You can also singly in the presence of appropriate knowledges and-or with engagement of specialised organisation, but here it must be understood that free this work nobody will not do.

Let’s sum up. By result of investment concept should be: sharp understanding by Customer of the list of planned to performance of building and-or repair jobs (work stages); voted budget to construction / repair; main technical object merits of construction and-or repair. In other words is main specifications generated by Customer which will lie subsequently to terms of reference to designing or will become main basic data for building contractor.

Phase 2. The collection of initial data, engineering survey.

The collection of initial data for construction and repairAfter You understood that specifically it is necessary to do, budget was defined, as well as the main technical features of result of works, the time of the collection of initial data and engineering survey comes, results of which then will be used at development of design documentation in the case of big volumes of construction and-or repair or at development of terms of reference for building contractor in the case of insignificant building and-or repair jobs.

Generally the collection of initial data is reduced to following — independently or with engagement of specialised organisation following kinds of works are executed:

— division of geodetic base in the case of new construction is performed, i.e. the main dimensions, slopes and other parameters of building site are defined. Tie-in of existing buildings regarding future construction object is executed.
— in the case of performance of repair jobs or works on reconstruction, admeasurements of existing buildings and-or structures for definition of their actual spatial altitude, as well as deviations from design values are executed.
— defects identification of structural knots of existing buildings and structures is performed planned to repair or reconstruction, as well as test of existing engineering systems and communications.
— data acquisition on type and the composition of grounds is performed, will be defined depth of bearing layer. It is done for subsequent definition of the type of the foundation under new construction or, for example, in the case of reconstruction of the object by the way of the annex to it of additional structures.
— test of existing infrastructures for revealing of necessity of their repair or replacement is performed.
— the plans of existing buildings together with an indication of the main overall dimensions are compiled.
— where it is necessary, photofixation of structural and engineering elements is performed.

Those are the main moments of the collection of initial data, but list can be adjusted depending on the type of works planned to performance, as well as from condition of the object of construction and-or repair. After the collection of all necessary initial data is performed, it is possible to go by following phase — to development of design documentation.

We will note separately (!!!): as with investment concept, the collection of initial data and engineering survey are Customer’s obligation, but they can be performed with engagement of specialised organisation, and it means that given works are not executed free of charge, and in the case of advertising gimmick as «free departures», «free project» etc., their cost will be incorporated either to development of design documentation or directly to cost of building or repair jobs or You will not receive in one’s hands comprehensive results performed works. You should understand the sole thing clearly: any step performed by the designer either by building contractor Your interests, on that or other phase will be paid, since any commercial structures will not work to itself at a loss, therefore rule is simple — or work is performed by Your own forces and means or it is paid to the one whom You attract.

With the collection of initial data, we hope, all is clear. We moving on.

Phase 3. Choice of design organization.

Search and engagement of design organisationSo, having on hands initial data for designing of construction or repair, we begin search of design organisation. In the case of private construction and-or repair, when choosing of the project designer it is necessary to be oriented to following specifications:

— design experience of objects of private construction and-or repair;
— presence of authorisation documents for performance of design and survey works;
— presence of recalls, recommendations of assumed applicant to performance of design works;
— transparency of price politics of design organisation;
— present ability of construction tracking by field supervision at implementation of construction, repair or reconstruction of the object.
— well, and of course, choosing a few possible applicants, it is necessary to enquire and to study closely text of type contracts concluded by design organisation.

We once again pay Your attention: the more total the list of services afforded by any commercial organisation, the more higher than their cost, i.e. if cost is underestimated, then at detailed studying of text of the contract you from big share of probability will find absence of one or another line items, performance of which during performance of building and-or repair jobs vitally is necessary, for example: rigidly the amount of changes of design documentation can be specified — all that beyond given amount, You will pay additionally or field supervision can be implemented, as separate kind of works which You will pay on additional contract. And so on.

And we nearly forgot. In our opinion, it is best to unite the phases of the collection of initial data with engagement of design organisation, since for whom it is better to know, what initial data are necessary, how not to the designer? But here really to taste, colour and budget… Either You delegate all of it to the designer and, respectively, pay these types of works, or assemble all themselves and, in the case of the initial data insufficiency, on demand of engineering company you sit down and go to object for shortages.

Mainly that’s all at option of designer. We turn now to development of design documentation.

Phase 4. Development of design documentation.

At this stage we will not especially stay by virtue of what all stated very in detail in earlier of published materials. But taking into account that it extremely important and necessary phase in the organisation of construction and-or repair, we strongly recommend to be acquainted with following materials:

— Сonceptual landscape design;

— Outline design;

— Detail design;

— What’s more profitable: individual designing or existing project?

— Designing of the house with LLC «Dachny master»

— Catalogue of existing projects on our site

We think that after studying of these articles all questions on development of design documentation to construction and-or repair at You will be settled, but only in case some moments You want to clarify in more detail. It is possible to ask questions through the form of commentaries located at the end of given article or on our forum.

Phase 5. Consideration / amendment of design documentation, approval.

Consideration and amendment of design documentationSo, happiness become and You received the set of developed design documentation in one’s hands. Most Customers take this set of documents and rush like mad, to the contractor, but it radically is not correct! Is not correct because the contractor will consider a design documentation from the standpoint of technical potential of performance of presented building and-or repair jobs, but in no way from the position of satisfaction of works to Your requirements! That is, following situation turns out: You passed big way from investment concept to development of design documentation, and result of works you can receive all the same not the one which was planned initially. And what’s reason?? Because you DIDN’T LOOKED. And to blame in it besides oneself no-one!

Therefore specific attention should be paid exactly to consideration, preparation of remarks and amendment of design documentation, and it is not important — design documentation to construction, repair, reconstruction of suburban house, engineering systems or interior design to apartment repair. Remember (!!!), in order to receive necessary to You result from building contractor, it should present a design documentation accounting all Your requirements, indeed as it is known — as the question so the answer. To you will construct, repair exactly so, as it will be specified by design documentation, and all additional changes which «suddenly» will disclosing during the construction process, You will pay additionally.

We emphasise (!!!): than more scrupulously and in detail You will consider and will modify a design documentation for conformity to Your requirements, that more accurate you will receive result of building and-or repair jobs. It is necessary to understand clearly one simple rule: by and large nobody better than You will not be able to satisfy requirements to planned construction and-or repair and nobody, besides You, will not think and finish thinking about as to You it will be better and more convenient. Organisations attracted to process of construction and-or repair or private masters just technically realize conceived by You, and conductor on this Feast of life, like it or not, stay still only You and nobody is besides You. That is why the role of Customer of construction and-or repair is extremely important and it is impossible to do without Customer at construction or repair basically. Therefore all promises regarding «You will have to emerge on the object at entering into contract and at acceptance» — it no more, than marketing stunt or, under such conditions, you should be was ready that the object of construction and-or repair accept into service will be far from what You presented to yourself.

If You want to realise conceived exactly in such a manner (two times to visit on the object), then the most optimum and the least extravagant way — to purchase already constructed and-or repaired object, but we wrote about it here.

But let’s return to our muttons… So, You received and began to consider a design documentation, but if from the standpoint of overall views, lay-out, arrangement sanitaryware and overall views of engineering systems to You all is clear, then from the standpoint of components, detailed studying and arrangement of engineering equipment, gasket of communications etc., problems can arise, therefore we consider a given phase by ideal for engagement of client’s supervision.

Exactly this organisation either private specialist can help as for now maximally to optimise a design documentation for reduction of prices of construction and-or repair, at the same time without loss of quality and structural reliability, as well as to study the object of construction and-or repair for its subsequent tracking at building or repair jobs.

With that phase we will finish the organisations of construction and-or repair. All following phases will be considered with participation of three parties involved: Customer — contractor — technical supervision, therefore we will consider them in following release. Do not miss, and monitor for our updates!

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