How to save on dacha projects?

Most likely that after a go start of work on construction, repair, reconstruction of country house, engineering systems or development of allotment garden You began to think: how it is possible maximally to save at that? Today we will conduct a small technique analysis of capital investments savings at construction, repair and reconstruction of country objects of the real estate.

How to save at dacha projectsFor the beginning is enumerable all possible variants of construction, repair, reconstruction of suburban houses, utility lines, development of allotment gardens, and then we will consider possible variants of saving on each of them. In summary You can:
— purchase a final house and well-developed allotment garden;
— construct (repair) all independently;
— attract to performance of building or repair jobs private masters;
— attract to performance of building or repair jobs a specialized organization.

Variant is the first: purchase of constructed (final) house and well-developed allotment garden.

This variant is optimum from the standpoint of capital investments minimisation into construction, but has, in our opinion, a series of essential deficiencies. First, You purchase object on the basis of «somehow or other», i.e. it is necessary waive by any individual «wishes and dreams»(on lay-out, finish etc.), as well as to undertake all risks on construction concealed defects which can be present in most instances. For example, it can be off-standard weatherization of walls, discrepancy to design sizes, application of off-standard lining materials, absence (substandard production) of engineering systems. In the common , all of this should be checked at purchase, in order to minimise further expenditures to reduction of purchased country real estate to acceptable condition.

Construction of suburban house by one's handsVariant is the second: construction (repair) at home and-or allotment garden by one’s hands.

This variant approaches those who is ready to spend own time to studying of building rules and standards, wants to receive quality of construction approximate to ideal, maximally to take into consideration all own wishes to future dwelling (once again on lay-out, finish etc.), who possesses enough of free time which should be devoted to construction (to repair) of suburban house or development of allotment garden.

In such a manner, given variant we will consider one of the most optimum for construction or repair of country real estate both from the standpoint of saving and from the standpoint of performance quality, at strict performance of following conditions:
— You’ve highly researched well and know building code and rules regulating organisation and performance of works on erection of low-rises structures, development of private garden space, construction of utility lines;
— You have a practical experience of the organisation and performance of given works;
— You have communications with the suppliers of qualitative constructional equipment and materials, the subcontractors who can be attracted for performance of separate types of works on construction, repair, reconstruction of the house, engineering systems or development of allotment garden;
— You possess enough of the time which are ready devote to performance of building or repair jobs;
— You are ready to undertake all risks on unsatisfactory performance of works, since to blame and to force something afterwards to improve or readjust will no one’s.

From above-stated it is possible to understand that construction of suburban house by one’s hands feasibly either to practicing builders or people with high self-organising having enough of free time. In cases, when You still want to separate responsibility, it is necessary to go either on the first variant or on variants which we will consider below.

Construction of suburban house, private masterVariant is the third: engagement to performance of construction work of private masters or teams.

Given saving variant implies following. Actually, You employ labour for the cost which will arrange You, that is, the hands which will execute one or another, assigned by You, job. At the same time it is necessary to understand that You should control all financial questions, purchase of qualitative material, as well as quality, terms, volumes of construction and other questions arising at construction. From here conclusion: at such variant of saving You as well should know building code and rules, to have adjusted communications with suppliers, to possess enough of the time.

At the same time, as harsh reality shows, to find a sensible team or private master, for which the minimum of the control is necessary, at present extremely it is difficult, if not to say more.

Besides at given saving variant it is necessary to remember of what after termination of construction any and all risks on subsequent correction of defects/gaps (and so forth) You take upon oneself, because in most instances to team or private master, because of which defect arose, You will be unlikely able «drag away» on object for elimination of subquality works. Most likely answer will be one — You accepted work, and as You operated project, I do not know. There are of course exceptions to the rules, but as practice shows, takes place in most instances exactly so, as shown above.

Construction of suburban house in the company Dachny masterVariant is the fourth: engagement of specialised organisation for performance of building (repair) works.

By given saving variant is provided choice of contractor organization, a conclusion of a towner-contractor agreement, in which all conditions of Your interaction with contractor are recorded, including defects liability. In other words, at that variant bigger or smaller part of obligations on construction of future country house, utility lines or on development of allotment garden is delegated to the organisation-executor.

But even with such variant You should possess base knowledges, since while under construction, repair, reconstruction, the acts of performed works it is necessary to sign all the same to You, and it means that the main landmarks should be understood and to control.

Besides You should take into account that engagement of specialised building organisation will be more expensive, than, for example, engagement of private master or team, as besides You will pay construction cost, in the cost sheet is laid price of the work on purchase, delivery of the equipment and materials, depreciation of equipment, delivery and maintenance of men on the object etc. In the common, all additional expenditures which will be suffered by construction company at obligations delegated by You, list of which, as it is noted above, is presented in the contract of building contract.

In such a manner, given variant of country real estate construction turns out more money-losing from financial point of view, but it is optimum from the standpoint of segregation of responsibilities, quality of construction and opportunities of warranty service, naturally upon condition of choice of a good contractor.

So, we considered the main ways of the process structuring of construction, repair, reconstruction of country houses, engineering systems or development of allotment garden. All of them have the right to existence and are successfully applied by our fellow citizens wanting for to acquire their own secluded country house. But there is one more way of saving on dacha projects setting up at present popularity which we will consider in following press release.

Summing up, we will highlight considered ways of economy in stages, from the standpoint of minimisation of capital investments:
1. Purchase of ready country house with development of allotment garden.
2. Construction, repair, reconstruction of country house, engineering systems, communications, development of allotment garden by own forces.
3. Construction, repair, reconstruction of the object of country real estate with engagement of private masters or teams.
4. Engagement of specialised organisation for work performance on construction, repair, reconstruction of suburban house, engineering systems, development of allotment garden.

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