What for it is necessary individual designing of country house?

With expansion of the list of afforded services and with a focus on spanning complete cycle of erection of country houses, constructions and engineering systems, beginning with January 2015 we render services of their designing. In this connection for supplying of transparency of work and sharp understanding by the customer of all design stages accepted in our company, we begin publication of the series of reviews concerning this direction of activity.

So, for qualitative performance of civil and erection works and sharp understanding by the customer of cost, terms, constructive proposals erected suburban construction it is necessary to develop complete set of design documentation satisfying all possible wishes of the customer. Achievement of this purpose is possible only while performing at a few main design stages, namely:

— conceptual landscape design;

— outline design;

— development of design and working documentation, it statement by the customer and transfers to production of works.

Of course, in the case of use of ready project which on Internet expansees great variety is presented, the first two phases, and partially the third, can be abolished, but here it is necessary to analyse merits and demerits of standardized and individual designing and to make decision after that. We will consider them somewhat more closely.

Ready projects of country wooden houses

To advantages of ready projects of country wooden houses and constructions it is possible to attribute following:
1. Relative project cheapness;
2. Opportunity of receipt of the project practically immediately after purchase;
3. External appeal and apparent “perfectness” of project.

At the same time, use of ready project bears in itself a series of essential deficiencies and not always noticeable troubles which should be considered more closely:
— existing (typical) project of country wooden house or construction, not saying really about engineering systems, hardly ever not responding even a half of customer’s individual enquiries, his flavouring preferences, lifestyle. In actual practice it frequently turns round by serious discomfort at residing and numerous alterations and replannings.
— existing project of country wooden house or construction is «standardised» for some conventional territory; it does not have tie-in specifically to Your district or to Your allotment garden. Any relatively appreciable slope, as well as the arrangement of adjacent houses and economic constructions, view from the windows, shadow from house, connecting utility hook-up
— these moments are impossible to take into consideration without individual designing. And again «existing» project turns out in practice not a bit ready;
— important and the fact that ready projects of country wooden houses and constructions do not have tie-in not only to geographical features of the section, but also to geographic latitude, that is, to climatic features of the region. Massive superiority of ready projects which are offered to potential customers, were developed for average Russia band, that is, for regions with enough soft climate. Respectively, building on it the house in more severe conditions, can be received construction with thin walls, without additional heat insulation (for example, without roof coating) and without strong foundation. And it, besides, bring about unforeseen capital investments and quite significants.

In such a manner, deciding to construct a wooden house on standard project, the customer not only does not save, but also risks to receive building at the end of construction, of little use for residing.

Individual designing of country houses and constructions

Individual designing of country houses and constructions is cardinally different from ready standard projects. At development of individual project the designer entirely pushes off from wishes of the customer, his tastes, preferences and lifestyle, from the amount of constantly living and coming people and even the animals which will live in the house.

That said absolutely all wishes are taken into account which technically possibly to realise as applied exactly to Your family, to Your allotment garden, to Your climatic zone and to other features which in ready project not possibly to take into consideration.

Mandatory examination of the building site, measurement of the key parameters of allotment garden, the evaluation of the arrangement of adjoining allotment gardens and structures on them, two-dimensional and three-dimensional models of the project which allow to the customer to see clearly house or construction and to introduce necessary updates before construction — it what distinguishes an special design from existing.

It is possible how much to say to please that individual designing takes a lot of time and expenses. But it is not so. More correct to say — yes, it is more expensive and longer on time. But reliable, practical, more convenient. And moreover — You will test a huge gladness that it is YOUR house, and in his development exactly You — the main inspirator, designer and scheduler. Indeed better once to make a good individual project and once to construct the house which will serve still children and grandsons, than to purchase standard project and to engage in a constant extension, replanning, heat insulation, strengthening and so on. Popular wisdom says — for quality it is necessary to pay, and of his absence — foot the bill.

Taking into account stated, choice between individual designing of country houses and constructions or use of «existing» project is evident in our opinion, but final decision for You. We hope You will make its properly, and we will help to realise in turn all decisions conceived by You.

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