Wooden frame house. Carcassing.

We wanted to describe long ago process of construction of frame wooden house, but did not know from what to begin. It is resolved to do so: descriptions of civil works will be conducted on the phases of construction, i.e. not all cycle at once, but as it is accepted to build in our company, namely — construction of the foundation, erection of wooden frame, outside planking, interior furnishing. It is as regards «box». «Reactivation» of suburban house, that is, works on installation of engineering services, we will quote separately, as it is made now.

Besides in presented descriptions of works stage on construction of frame houses, we will direct attention on the main moments of construction which should be controlled carefully, to avoid in order to further problems at operation of construction object. At the same time, all smallest nuances of construction of frame house will be most detailed image are considered in the second book from series «Library of Dachny master», issue of which is scheduled in the near future. We remind that the first book devoted to construction of reliable foundation of frame house, has been already manufactured and it is possible to acquire its HERE. Of issue of new books we will notify Сustomers and the visitors of the site in our sending, it is possible to be subscribed to which HERE, as well as filling in form presented in lower part of the browser on all pages of our site. So:

Task in hand: construction of wooden frame.

Progress of work: Progress of work: To works on construction of given object we have joined at ready foundation. Foundation is combined, girder-piled. We considered a given construction in our book. All further works on construction of frame house were executed in strict conformity with developed design documentation.

Carcassing begins after construction of the foundation and its endurance approximately 10-12 days before final seizing of concrete and the set of necessary strength. Specified curing period accounts for 28 days, but it is possible commence performance of works on carcassing and somewhat earlier, not creating maximum loads to foundation. That is exactly what we do.

The first phase of works on construction of wooden frame is processing of all wooden fabricated parts by fermentation compositions. We use well-proven pill «Neomid». Fermentation technology is specified by the GOST 10950-78. When fermentation it is performed, we commence construction of the timber set of house. It is an ideal variant, when timber set panels are attached to the foundation by the anchors incorporated at construction of the foundation (they are filled to foundation), but in this instance the fasteners was executed by the die drilling and by installation of wedging anchors. After the structure of the timber set the framing of ground floor was erected:

We recommend at this stage to control carefully backlashes between timber set panels. If possible, then it is necessary to lay there thermal insulation at stage construction, if design has been already mounted, then big backlashes is better «cover with foam»:

At construction of frame it is necessary to control presence of slopes so that at high wind design not «collapse», as on the photo below, as well as presence of all additional reference racks, for example under window openings (otherwise after installation of windows they will subside, forming slots, through which cold air masses will penetrate):

изображения не найдены

Following phase of frame erection is construction of the second storey frame (upon availability). In given phase construction of overlapping, windscreens and rafter system enters. Our recommendations on the control of key parameters are presented on the photo:

As a result of performance of works on carcassing approximately following construction should turn out:

After construction of frame the stacking of roofing and outside covering with wind- and steaminsulating material is executed. Here it is especially necessary to control width of overlapping material (both on the roof and on walls). It should be stacked from bottom to top, but in no way no on the contrary:

Following phase of construction of frame house is an outside finish, process of performance of which will be considered in following article.

In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total performance time of works on construction of wooden frame accounted for 1 month.

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