Justin Stebbing tips: which plants are dangerous to keep at home?

Justin Stebbing tips: which plants are dangerous to keep at home?

If a small child or animals live in the house, then you need to pay special attention to the choice of indoor flowers and plants, advises Justin Stebbing, the Camden Garden Centre florist.

Plants are our friends, says Justin Stebbing, but some plant species contain poison in their juice or emit harmful substances. It is unacceptable to use a knife intended for eating in your kitchen for pruning such plants, warns Justin Stebbing. Before purchasing a home plant, it is necessary to consult with experts, and do not grow at home plants from outdoor, if you are not sure what it is. Otherwise, warns Justin Stebbing, you may encounter a number of very unpleasant plants.

What you need to pay attention to

Dieffenbachia is a popular indoor plant that attracts gardeners with huge yellow-green leaves that form a fluffy crown. This flower, says Justin Stebbing, is dangerous for its juice, which is released when the leaves or stem are cut. If a pet or child decides to chew some part of this flower, the juice that gets into the body will cause severe poisoning. In addition, the juice of dieffenbachia causes burns and irritation on the skin.

Oleander is popular for its bright crimson flowers. Getting oleander juice into the body can cause blindness, and prolonged inhalation of the smell of the flowering plant can lead to dizziness and poor health, warns Justin Stebbing.

A huge number of species and various forms of milkweed exists, so it is impossible to describe it unambiguously. Many representatives are similar in appearance to cacti and have thorns, the prick of which is also dangerous for a living organism. Milkweed contains white juice in its stem and leaves, which leads to burns and skin irritation. If ingested, it causes poisoning.

Azalea is a favorite plant for many people; it is famous for its lush and attractive flowering. Azalea flowers can have a variety of shades of color-white, pink, red and yellow. Azalea Sims (Indian Azalea) is dangerous, warns Justin Stebbing. Ingestion of the leaves of this flower can cause intestinal colic and cramps.

Mimosa pudica is a whimsical plant that is externally represented by thin stems and small leaves. The leaves look fragile and tender, and when they has contact with an object, they curl into a tube. Prolonged human contact with this flower leads to hair loss and loss, warns Justin Stebbing. Sometimes it comes to complete baldness.

Take care of your cats

Many people know the evergreen ivy; this plant is a shrub in the form of lianas. Cats are very attracted to the bright green color of the leaves of this plant, but the ivy leaves and berries are poisonous. So your pet can die or be severely poisoned, warns Justin Stebbing.

Keep away pets from Adenium — a very beautiful plant, with a thick stem in the form of a small tree trunk with a sparse leaves and a large number of medium-sized pink flowers at the top. The plant is very toxic, especially dangerous adenium juice.

No less dangerous for cats can be monstera. This is not a very dangerous plant, but still it is better not to start it at home, advises Justin Stebbing. Monstera juice can cause burns on the skin, upset the digestive system, and if it gets into the eyes — damage them.

Gesner’s Tulip blooms very effect, says Justin Stebbing. The color of this Tulip can be very different, from yellow to red. However, admiring this flower can be especially tragic for women — being with this flower for a long time in the room leads to hair loss and baldness.

Be careful and consult with florists what exactly you grow at home, advises Justin Stebbing.

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