Client’s supervision from company «Dachny master»

To development of press release about service of client’s supervision or on user layer named as “private master builder”, we inform that from 07/01/2015 year, within expansion of the list of afforded services, the company «Dachny master» as well performs a given work on supervision for construction, repair, reconstruction of frame low-rise individual houses, engineering systems (of the electrician, water-supply, water removal, IT-communications), as well as engages by development of allotment gardens.

1. When expedient to order service of client’s supervision («private master builder») and on what Customer saves?

In press release devoted to the common consideration service of client’s supervision, as well as in the review of the ways of economy on dacha projects we noted that client’s supervision service order («private master builder») is particularly urgent at accountability for execution of building or repair jobs of private masters or building teams. Besides when You doubt of rendered services quality either you possess deficient knowledges in construction area, then for receipt of consultation is expedient to order client’s supervision service both at construction (repair, reconstruction) of suburban object by your own forces and at accountability for execution of building or repair jobs of specialised organisations.

Where You will be able to save at the time of order of client’s supervision service? Primarily, You will receive reliance that erected, repaired and reconstructed buildings, engineering systems, as well as work on development of allotment garden will be performed pursuant to developed design documentation, which means maximally to satisfy Your wishes. You will be sure in construction workmanship because you will be keep abreast all orders given by the specialist of client’s supervision («private master builder»), i.e. while in service the most unpleasant moments will be excluded, for example: unsatisfactory weatherization, structural defects (unsatisfactory foundation priming or installation of piles, unfortified floor joists on long length of the floor, insufficient working radius of roof projections, nonvertical position of buildings etc.). Besides at the order of client’s supervision service it is possible to save on logistic chain, as well as to employed materials at construction, repair, reconstruction. One of the most important advantages of the order of client’s supervision service («private master builder») — is a maximum economy of Your time. You should not enter into all fineness of construction processes, repair, reconstruction of suburban houses or engineering systems — Your rights and wishes to the object will be realised by qualified specialist of customer supervision (all our documents You can look up here):

2. What is offered by the company «Dachny master» within rendering of client’s supervision service («private master builder»)?

Private master builder or client's supervision over constructionNaturally, each building object is unique and the list of afforded services on client’s supervision is individual and it can vary, therefore below we quote the common list of works executed on given service, but it can be adjusted depending on actual state of affairs on the object of construction, repair or reconstruction. So, generally, within service «private master builder» we are ready to execute following kinds of works:
a) stock-taking at contracting organization (private masters) of quality certificates to used materials (at construction, repair, reconstruction), production and equipment;
b) control for observance rules by executor of warehousing and storage of used materials, production and equipment. At revealing of infringements of these rules the representative of technical inspection customer can prohibit application of incorrectly warehoused and stored materials;
c) monitoring of consistency of executed operational control by requirements of Norms and Standards by the contractor regulating executable kind of works;
d) monitoring for presence and correctness of management of executive documentation by the contractor, including the evaluation of the reliability of geodetic fitted drawings, performed of designs with spot audit of accuracy of elements location;
e) control for elimination of defects in design documentation revealed during the construction process; documentary returns of defect documentation to designer; control and documentary accepting of corrected documentation, transfer to its executor of works;
f) monitoring of conformity of volumes and the terms of performance of works by the terms of contract and planned schedule of construction;
g) acquittal of the evaluation (together with contractor) of conformity of held works, designs, the sections of engineering networks, signing of bilateral acts verifying conformity;
h) implementation by the contractor of check for meeting the requirement about inadmissibility of performance of subsequent works before signing of specified acts; final evaluation (together with contractor) of conformity of constructed object to the legislation requirements, design and standard documentation.

In addition to above-mentioned, within of client’s supervision service («private master builder») we can render following kinds of services:

Client's supervision, private master builderi) search and engagement of design organisations, private professional designers specializing in designing of concrete houses types;
j) development of recommendations in order and control of financial calculations between the executor of works and Customer;
k) selection of modern constructional and/or finish materials consistent with Customer’s requirements.

3. What cost of client’s supervision services («private master builder») in “Dachny master» company?

As it was already noted above, the list of executed works within rendering of client’s supervision services («private master builder») can vary, therefore from the standpoint of pricing we offer following approach:

— cost of each service on items «a», «b», «c», «d», «e», «f», «g», «h» (list see above), with floor area of the object of construction, repair or reconstruction up to 150 square metres and distance from MRHW no more than 100 km, accounts for 5500 roubles a month, including no more than 5 departures to object. At the order of the whole complex of works, cost of service will account for 40000 roubles a month (including 8 departures to object). Factor of the increase of price for each additional 10 square metres accounts for 10% from cost of service or package of services;
— cost of each service on items «i», «j», «k» accounts for 7000 roubles. Result of given services is report of conducted work with presented in it proposals and justifications of the decisions on one or another service;
— cost of technical consultation at non-recurrent visiting of object construction, repair or reconstruction at distance from MRHW to 100 kms, duration no more than 4 hours, accounts for 6500 rbl;
— counselling in Moscow relating to choice of the building structure, configuration of engineering systems, their optimum placement, as well as participation in preparation of construction, repair, reconstruction (negotiations with potential executors, examination of contracts, estimate documents) — are 2000 roubles per hour.

ATTENTION!: Specially for those whom more convenient to watch cost in tabulated kind, we made DETAILED master table of prices and the whole list of works, rendered within service of customer supervision. With tabulated representation of prices You can be acquainted here.

And finally, we once again pay Your attention that works executed within of client’s supervision service («private master builder») can be ordered both separately and in the complex, and we in turn guarantee qualitative rendering of given services at construction, repair, reconstruction of Your frame house, engineering systems, as well as development of allotment gardens.

We will be glad to see You among our Customers!

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