Construction of open verandah. Development of front porches.

In today’s report we will tell of still some extra works performed by our company within complex development of adjacent territory of suburban house in Klinskiy district of Moscow Region. The previous reports are herehere, here и here.

Progress of work: In this instance we quote description and the photos of works on finish of two front porches, more precisely spaces under front porch, as well as construction of open verandah aligned to the house and one of the front porches. So, a little bit more. To photo below You can see a rear house facade, where between front porch and additional building (report of its construction here), construction of open verandah was executed:

But will begin in order. Before the beginning of erection of open verandah finishing of two front porches – forward and back was performed. You can see the photo of both front porches up to finishing on photo below:

Finishing was performed by the way of the space closure under front porch by false crossbeam which was used at finishing of the main house. Besides were equipped access doors, in such a manner places for storage of garden stock turned out that in our opinion very feasibly and convenient. Nothing particularly difficult in work was not, therefore in brief: between reference beams wooden frame was erected, atop of which closure by false crossbeam is performed. After that, along the perimeter were installed outflows, equipped access doors. All construction was painted and along angles wooden decorative nooks were mounted (no on the photo). The only thing, on that it is worth to pay attention – it manufacturing clearance which was left to exclude destruction of the closure at seasonal motions of blind area, and for supplying of bleed-off falling through front porch deck. Process and result of works on finishing of the front porches You can see on the photo below:

Upon completion of works on front porches finishing, we commenced erection of the additional building which represented a basic structure, podium from larch, single-slope rafter system, to which Customer plans to mount an sliding roof. Taking into account that given building not big and specific nuances at construction did not arise (with the exception of fine setting of geometry), we will not in detail describe process of construction of open verandah. We will quote just photos, from which in our opinion all is clear. Communicating outline of construction of open verandah was following:

– development of the floor overlapping
– erection of basic structure
– development of rafter system
– flooring of floor pavement
– closure front of a buildings
– installation of hand railings and stair posts
– construction painting.

The only thing, on that wanted to pay attention, it is that hand railings and stair posts were made by us independently, so to say “hand made” :-). We hope that You will like. So, on the photo below both process and result of works on construction of open verandah is presented:

In more detail with progress of work it is possible become acquainted in our photogallery. Total performance time of works on finishing of the front porches and construction of open verandah to the house accounted for 12 days.

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